Investment Portfolio 投資組合

Easy Pricing 簡易收費

The following packages are built with Investment-Linked Products and whole Life Products



FCG Investment Portfolio FCG投資組合

"Growth" Portfolios can grow your wealth with different risk levels, with unique combinations that cater to different risk-takers.

Our fund uniqueness comes from:

  • Extra Fund Unit Bonuses
  • Life insurance 105% included
  • Flexibility in withdrawal 


  • 額外基金單位獎勵
  • 包括人壽保險 105%
  • 取款靈活


  • Beginner 初學者
  • $800
  • $9,600
  • Suitable for beginners in funds


  • Interested! 有興趣!
  • FEATURES 產品特點:
  • Welcome Client Bonus (Extra fund unit )
  • Long Term Client Bonus (Extra fund unit)
  • Over 177 fund choices
  • Direct Funds; T+1 Same day trading
  • Life Insured Amount 105%/Account Value (Whichever is higher)
  • "The Odyssey Programme" SE Membership (Standard)
  • 迎新客戶獎勵(額外基金單位)
  • 長期客戶獎勵(額外基金單位)
  • 超過 177 種基金選擇
  • 直接資金; T+1 即日交易
  • 人壽保險保額 105%/賬戶價值(以較高者為準)
  • 「旅程」尊貴會員計劃 SE(標準)
  • Interested! 有興趣!
  • Billed monthly or yearly 按月或按年計費

Dividend-Paying Funds


Our "Passive Income" Portfolio, with our selected dividend-paying funds,

ensures you a steady cash flow every month! 


Not ready for RISKS?


With guaranteed interests,

our selection of HKD/USD Time Deposit Plans

can double or triple your asset with time!



Frequently Asked Questions 你可能會問的問題

You are welcome to contact us should you have further inquiries!


Of course, our plans can be customized to your own needs! click "I have interest" and tell us what do you want, and we tailor the package as you prefer.

當然,我們的計劃可以根據您自己的需要進行定制! 單擊“我有興趣”並告訴我們您想要什麼,我們會根據您的喜好定制套餐。

You can certainly cancel at any time! However, most portfolios will incur penalty charges for early cancelation under 3 years and we recommend against it: Please contact us to tailormade your plans should you have concerns.

您當然可以隨時取消! 然而,大多數投資組合會因 3 年以下提前取消而產生罰款,我們建議不要這樣做:如果您有顧慮,請聯繫我們量身定制您的計劃。

Unlike the insurance company, our platform is a securities house-based brokerage, which means we can provide products, with unbiased opinion, from all insurance companies in Hong Kong. With our securities house background, we can also provide further investment tools. Please contact us for further information.

與保險公司不同,我們的平台是以證券公司為基礎的經紀業務,這意味著我們可以提供來自香港所有保險公司的產品,具有公正的意見。 憑藉我們證券公司的背景,我們還可以提供更多的投資工具。 請聯繫我們獲取更多的信息。

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